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Harmony of the Gospels: Part 11 – The Upper Room

The last night that Jesus spent with His closest disciples was intimate and comforting to the faithful.  Jesus used this time to assure them of His love for them and to encourage them to greater and continued humble service for one another.  To say that it was a special time is a gross understatement.  Emotions […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 10 – Final Week In Jerusalem

Jesus’ final days are full of some of the most remarkable teachings and examples of His deity.  He challenges all types to face their self-righteousness and their faulty doctrines and traditions.  From His triumphal entry to His cleansing of the temple, it is an action packed time period.  Take a look at this week’s handout […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 9 – Lazarus Raised and Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Even little children can tell you something about Lazarus.  As one of Jesus’ dearest earthly friends, Lazarus was an extraordinary person as is any true follower of Christ.  We are special by association.  Why then did Jesus let his friend die? The answer to this and other questions will be address in this week’s lesson. […]