Monthly Archives: August 2013

Essentials: Lesson 13 – Glorification

This week’s lesson touches upon the final link in the chain of grace: Glorification.  As we have learned in the previous lessons, we are utter dependent upon the grace of God, and He set in motion a plan of salvation ending in eternal glory for all His children.  As we draw closer to God and […]

Essentials: Lesson 12 – Justification

In the last lesson, we explored the Call of God.  This divine call to the saints of the Lord is nothing short of miraculous and vital.  By the call of the Almighty, His children can and do respond to the call of the Gospel to faith in Jesus Christ the Righteous.  Through faith we strive […]

Essentials: Lesson 11 – The Call of God

This week resume our weekly study of God’s Word with the topic of the Call of God.  This deep subject is often mixed up by those unwilling to spend the time needed in the Word to full understand the meaning of the term “call” as it is used throughout Scripture.   This week’s lesson will give […]