Commandments of Jesus, Part VI: Matthew 5:27-28

Adultery and the broader sin of fornication are so destructive that nations have been torn apart over it. Not only is sexual sin personally harmful, it undermines the family and corrodes the moral fiber of the church and society as a whole. The disturbing accessibility of pornography demonstrates this problem with massive amounts of internet searches and global revenues in the billions because of unchecked lust.

Sadly, the these issues have deeply impacted the church as well. From the very beginning days of the Church, its members have struggled with many sins and especially adultery, fornication, and even incest. Like King David we maintain the illusion that we can keep these sins secret and that they will not impact us. Why? Because most of us are ashamed to be discovered. We live in denial. However, the genuine peace, joy and righteous presence of the Spirit is quenched when we fail to address and eliminate these sins.

Join us this week as we face the reality of Christ’s commandments concerning adultery. It is unpleasant, but I trust the Lord will help us through this minefield.

There will be no Bible Study meeting this week, but I encourage you to consider Commandments of Jesus, Part VI: Dealing with Adultery.

Listen to the full message here.

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