Commandments of Jesus, Pt XIX – Mark 13:4-6

Self-discipline is one of the hardest habits to practice consistently.  Seemingly no matter how hard we try, we slip-up and slide into old habits.  By God’s grace and His Word, we can overcome, but only so long as we take heed to ourselves and the doctrines of the Bible.  In fact, the Word of God is so important that God manifested His Word in the flesh and He dwelt among us.  Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, walked the earth no only to die for our sins to eternal glory but also for the here and now.  

From one end to the other the Bible is full of admonitions to “take heed,” “listen,” “follow the commandments,” and other similar directions.  All of this points to the importance of obedience and listening to instruction.  Once we listen, we must do what the Lord bids us to do for it is always for our ultimate good.

Join us to go deeper into this topic this Wednesday.  View the Bible Study lesson handout here.

Listen to the full sermon here.


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