Articles of Faith: God

To the faithful, God’s existence is not only essential for salvation, it is obvious in the world around us and the heavens above.  Creation is simply to vast, complex and marvelously orderly to be explained without a divine Creator.  Yet, the Scriptures say that the fool says, “There is no God.”

When I was in college, a friend had a shirt that said, “Nietzsche said, God is dead.  God said, Nietzsche is dead.”  I still find that saying comical, as it illustrates the futility in denying God.  The Scriptures tell us that wisdom and knowledge begin with a reverential fear of God.  All powerful and holy, God defies our full understanding, but yet He devised a way to share Himself with us even in our sinful state through the Word and the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.  Combined with the working of the Holy Spirit, these concepts give us a better picture of the nature of God.

Join us this week as we go deeper into God’s Word to wrestle with the concept of God.  Click here for the lesson.

You can also listen to the sermon on this topic here.

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