Going Deeper: Be Not Conformed

During the later years of ministry of the Samuel, the leaders of Israel protested the corruption of the prophet’s sons.  With their protest they expressed their desire to have a king to rule over them like all the other nations.  These leaders noticed a real problem, and like many people today they did not approve of the corruption of justice.  Their failure was not then in their recognition of the problem but in their failure to seek God’s wisdom and will on the matter.

Samuel was distressed, believing that the people rejected him when in fact the problem was deeper.  They rejected the rule of God.  Their problem was spiritual and their solution was worldly.  We see the same problem throughout history and even today.

This week’s lesson explores the impact of worldly solutions and why people prefer these to God’s answers.  We will also explore the proper response in such a culture.

Click here to access this week’s lesson.

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