Going Deeper: Listen – 1 Samuel 15:1-35

Have you ever failed to follow clear and explicit instructions? I have, and what happened afterward I do not care to relive. After failing to deliver a completed assignment to my manager many years ago, I was told firmly that if I was not able to perform the required tasks of my role, someone else would be assigned that work. The message was clear: shape up or be replaced. I deserved every word of the rebuke, and now I am thankful for it.

Sadly, we have all failed the Lord, but few have done so more explicitly than King Saul. As the head of the nation of Israel, the anointed King, Saul should have been the more devoted follower of God leading the people in faithful obedience. Instead, Saul failed to lead properly many times and in direct violation of God’s personal commands to him. Nothing was left to chance or miscommunication. Saul just simply did not cut it.

This week we will explore the implications of such disobedience and how we can avoid it. Join us this week as we learn to listen and hearken to the word of the Lord.

Complete the study using the lesson handout here.

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