Going Deeper: My Lord the King – 1 Samuel 24

One of the greatest attributes Christians should foster is humility. Combined with meekness, humility demonstrates a willingness to submit for the benefit of others putting their needs before our own. Realizing we are created beings lifted from the dirt allows us to see more clearly than when our minds are filled with the falsehoods of pride and selfishness. David demonstrated this level of humility regularly and it defined his relationship with King Saul. Abused and falsely accused, David chose to flee instead of fight his king.

He could have listened to the voices encouraging retaliation and rebellion, but David chose the more righteous path of submission to the greater purpose of God. This path is not always easy, but it is always better in the end.

Join us this week as we go deeper into this study of the character of Israel’s most famous king.   You can access the Bible Study handout here.

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