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Advent 2019 – Comfort

This week marks the beginning of the Advent season, and our Bible Study hits right at the heart of the Gospel. At the core of the Gospel message is the coming of the Son of Man, Jesus of Nazareth. His miraculous birth was the beginning of the most amazing life, and the lives the faithful […]

Commandments of Jesus, Part IV: Matthew 5:16

When we are born again in Christ, we are blessed to have new inclinations and a new perspective. This new creature is present in each believer, but it is not alone. While we live in the earth in these bodies, our old nature competes with the new one made in Christ’s image. Therefore, Jesus says, […]

The Unjust Steward – Luke 16:1-13

This week we are digging into the Parable of the Unjust Steward found in Luke 16. There are many thoughts about this parable, but its essential lesson of serving God over worldly wealth is vital today. Join us as we delve into the profound truth of this lesson from the Word of Christ. May the […]

The Lost – Luke 15:3-10

This week’s Bible Study addresses two parables that Jesus Christ used to show the value of the lost children of God. This lesson is encouraging to sinners who know they need salvation, but it can be hard to accept if we think too highly of ourselves. Everyone who sincerely seeks the truth of the Gospel […]

Bible Study Cancelled, Nov 15th

Good Evening everyone! Due the fact that most of the group is either away tonight or tied up, I am cancelling services for tonight. Pray without ceasing! Blessings to all! Jason

Bible Study Cancelled Tonight, May 24th

Bible Study is cancelled for tonight.  Please plan to resume next Wednesday, May 31st. Jason

Bible Study Cancelled: July 22, 2015

Hi there!   Bible study services are cancelled tonight.  See everyone next week!