Lesson 1 – Introduction & Overview Lesson 1 Handout Tonight we will cover the first lesson in a new study series on the letters to the Seven Churches of Asia as recorded in the first three chapters of Revelation.  This critical study delves into the strengths and weaknesses of these first century congregations and how […]

As we continue our study of the Extraordinary Women of the Bible, this week we focus on Rahab.  Rahab is one of the surprising examples of godliness in the Bible.  A harlot of Jericho, she is best known for sheltering the spies of Israel who infiltrated the city prior to its destruction.  She trusted these […]

This Wednesday, January 18th, we are continuing with our study of the Extraordinary Women of the Bible.  This week we focus on Sarah, wife of Abraham.  A faithful woman of God and the mother of Isaac, Sarah is extraordinary in many ways.  She exemplifies the godly feminine character many of us want for our wives, daughters, and […]

Hi there!   Bible study services are cancelled tonight.  See everyone next week!

Bible Study is cancelled this week for June 24, 2015.  We will plan to resume next week.   

Today’s study concerns the name or title given to the Messiah in Isaiah 9.  This passage is full of vivid descriptions for the Savior and His diving work.  The most relatable term be Counsellor or Counselor depending on the translation.  This descriptive title gives insight into the mind of God as a compassionate and interested […]

Today we will consider the Salvation of God and His Saviour, Jesus Christ, and how these topics are intertwined in the Bible.  Join us in our continuing study of the Names of God: Saviour.