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Extraordinary Women of the Bible – Lesson 3, Rahab

As we continue our study of the Extraordinary Women of the Bible, this week we focus on Rahab.  Rahab is one of the surprising examples of godliness in the Bible.  A harlot of Jericho, she is best known for sheltering the spies of Israel who infiltrated the city prior to its destruction.  She trusted these […]

Church History: Part 21 – English Bibles, Anabaptists, and Baptists

Church History: Part 21 – English Bibles, Anabaptists, and Baptists Schleitheim Confession

Old Testament Chronology: Lesson 12 – The Diaspora, Judah Scattered

Here is the handout for Lesson 12 for Wednesday night. OT Chronology Lesson 12

Welcome to the Bible Study!

Welcome to Northside’s Bible Study forum.  You will find posts here about a variety of Bible Study topics.  Be sure to have your Bibles out and ready!