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Going Deeper: 1 Samuel 25:39-44 – The Bride

The Apostle Paul called the relationship between Christ and the church a great mystery (Ephesians 5:32).   Like many relationships, the marriage of the Savior to His bride, the Church, is full of questions.  Why does He love us?  How could He love us enough to give His glorious life for us?  Why does He, holy […]

Articles of Faith: Glorification

Glory below as glory above. This should be the aim of the Christian. While divine perfection may be beyond our reach, all are blessed when we strive together towards the high mark of the high calling of God. This is glory. Like many other biblical ideas with earthly counterparts, godly glory is characterized not by […]

Do you love me more…?

This week we resume Bible Study exploring a final question from Jesus. In John 21, Jesus confronts the apostles in Galilee. How, when or even why these men were found fishing following the Resurrection we can only speculate. However, what’s clear in this passage is that Jesus is not done with them. The Lord confronts […]

The Seven Churches of Asia – Lesson 2

Lesson 2 – Ephesus Lesson 2 Handout Wednesday, May 3rd, we will cover the second lesson in this study on the letters to the Seven Churches of Asia.  The first church addressed by our Lord is to the church of Ephesus.  This once rich city was a center of commerce and Greek culture with a huge temple to the […]

The Seven Churches of Asia – Lesson 1

Lesson 1 – Introduction & Overview Lesson 1 Handout Tonight we will cover the first lesson in a new study series on the letters to the Seven Churches of Asia as recorded in the first three chapters of Revelation.  This critical study delves into the strengths and weaknesses of these first century congregations and how […]

The Essentials: Lesson 6 – The Church

What is the Church?  Who is part of it?  How long has it been around?  There are just some of the kinds of topics we will delve into this week as we study The Church.  Check out the new lesson to join us for study!