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The Essentials: Lesson 2 – God

After we submit to the fact that absolute Truth is a must, it is simply a matter of determining the origin of that Truth.  As Christians we trust that the Bible is the revealed Word of God, His Truth and that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of that Truth.  In Lesson 2 of The Essentials, […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 13 – Crucifixion and Resurrection

This week marks the end of our brief journey through the Gospels.  If the beginning of the Gospels begin miraculously, then the end of the Gospels is even more amazing as child now a man faces His destiny.  The Bible describes these events with far more detail than earlier days for good reason.  This week’s […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 12 – Arrest and Trials of Jesus

The false arrest and even phonier trials of the Son of Man are a testament to the continued failure of mankind to see Him for the Savior.  His silence with Herod and His insightful comments to Pilate all demonstrate His meekness and ultimately His amazing restraint.  These false accusers represent all those who came before […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 10 – Final Week In Jerusalem

Jesus’ final days are full of some of the most remarkable teachings and examples of His deity.  He challenges all types to face their self-righteousness and their faulty doctrines and traditions.  From His triumphal entry to His cleansing of the temple, it is an action packed time period.  Take a look at this week’s handout […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 9 – Lazarus Raised and Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Even little children can tell you something about Lazarus.  As one of Jesus’ dearest earthly friends, Lazarus was an extraordinary person as is any true follower of Christ.  We are special by association.  Why then did Jesus let his friend die? The answer to this and other questions will be address in this week’s lesson. […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 8 – Warnings and Parables

As Jesus’ earthly ministry expanded, so did His influence, His healing, and the number of His enemies.  We get to observe this week how Jesus continued to teach the disciples about the Kingdom of God and its many spiritual lessons.  Look through this week’s handout and see for yourself.

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 7 – Growing Opposition

As the ministry of Jesus progressed, His popularity grew among some circles while His enemies’ fears grew along with their hatred.  The power of Jesus to work miracles and the respect garnered by His teaching and ministry to the people drove them crazy with envy.  While these events would ultimately lead to His crucifixion, His […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 6 – The Transfiguration

The transfiguration of Jesus on the mount was one of the most spectacular miracles to behold.  Based on the reaction of Peter, James, and John, we can only image the splendor of the glorified Christ shining in white raiment.  This event was so significant to them that they offered to build shrines (tabernacles) in memory […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 5 – John dies. Jesus walks on water.

Faith is perhaps the most mysterious doctrine in the Bible.  All believers have it, but maybe no one can grasp it.  The Bible says that it is the substance of things hoped for.  As such faith is distinct from hope but tied to it as the object of faith.  Because we believe, we shall live […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 4 – Miracles and Seaside Parables

Jesus provided many assurances of His deity and Sonship throughout His earthly sojourn.  His miracles are merely one of the evidences that He left but coupled with the sound wisdom that He displayed combined with the authority He displayed leave people with no choice but to believe Him in faith or reject Him in lack […]