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Harmony of the Gospels: Part 3 – Sabbath healer. Sermon on the Mount.

Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus challenged the status quo without violating the Law.  His surpassing goodness was marked by meekness.  Meekness is often associated with weakness today perhaps simply because the two words nearly rhyme.  At any rate the fact of the matter is that Jesus was not weak.  The Gospels demonstrate again and again […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 2 – Temptation and Fishermen

The earthly ministry of Jesus did not begin with small measures.  Out of the few impressions we receive from the Gospels concerning his youth and young adulthood, we see Jesus going into the wilderness to be tried and tempted of the Devil after a grueling 40 day fast.  From this wonderful kick start, Jesus immediately […]

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 1 – Origins

This lesson is the first of many that we will use to demonstrate and explore the richness of the Gospels combined.  You may never have thought of reading the Gospels as a single story, but you will quickly see how the Gospel writers pulled from the same experiences yet different points of view to reflect […]

Church History: Review of AD 1500-1900

Review Sheet

The Black Rock Address, The Origins of Primitive Baptists

Black Rock Address Text

Glorious Predestination, C.H. Spurgeon

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