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The Essentials: Lesson 5 – The Kingdom

Essential to the life of any disciple of Christ is a thorough understanding of the kingdom of Christ.  Since He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, it is critical for us to understand how His sovereignty should apply to our daily lives.  Join us as we study The Kingdom in Lesson 5.

Harmony of the Gospels: Part 9 – Lazarus Raised and Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

Even little children can tell you something about Lazarus.  As one of Jesus’ dearest earthly friends, Lazarus was an extraordinary person as is any true follower of Christ.  We are special by association.  Why then did Jesus let his friend die? The answer to this and other questions will be address in this week’s lesson. […]

Acts of the Apostles: Overview and Exam

Acts of the Apostles: Overview & Exam