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There are so many assurances in the Bible that we can often overlook them. However all of history was pointed at the life of Jesus Christ. It was Jesus alone the stands between us and certain destruction. He is the advocate. Starting with the example of Jonathan, we will examine how important advocacy is today […]

Sometimes we fear what we cannot control. This fear of the unknown is common and understandable, but the children of God should live by faith and not sight. Faith in the hope we have in Jesus Christ is the key. This week we are considering the fear that King Saul had toward David who only […]

What more can be said about David and Goliath? Next to Jesus crucifixion, it is perhaps the most well known event in the Bible. The smallest child can relate to the story of the boy who faced a giant. It is a trope, a cliche. But is it? If we believe the Bible to be […]

The Bible tells us, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” (Hebrews 10:31). Certainly, an honest reading of the Scriptures presents the fact that God hates sin. He may be graceful and merciful, but still He hates sin as an act of rebellion and worse as destructive behavior […]

Have you ever faced a moment when you didn’t have all the facts? God hasn’t. Can you read minds? God can. Do you have perfect understanding of the past, present and future? God does. The truth is that our perspective is limited, but we can trust that God knows and understands all things. Realizing the […]

Have you ever failed to follow clear and explicit instructions? I have, and what happened afterward I do not care to relive. After failing to deliver a completed assignment to my manager many years ago, I was told firmly that if I was not able to perform the required tasks of my role, someone else […]