Going Deeper: Except Jesus – 1 Samuel 22:5-23

Paranoia can be one of the most destructive states of mind we can experience. Seeing everyone around us as a potential threat, fearing our own inadequacies to the point of paralysis , and attacking our allies out of distrust is just a short list of the issues involved. From a simple reading of the Scriptures, it is clear that King Saul was paranoid about losing his throne. Instead of retiring or helping his successor, Saul drew inward and became so envious and hate-filled that these feelings consumed him.

This week’s lesson discusses perhaps the greatest single tragedy of Saul’s reign and how David reacted to it. Again we see God working through David in his own time and for our sake to show us what salvation looks like in real-time. If David was not there to provide safeguard as an instrument of God, Israel could very well have collapsed entirely.

For the Christian, we can again see the parallels between David and Jesus. Except Jesus (and by extension, God the Father) had interceded on our behalf, all would be lost.

Join us this week as we go deeper into God’s Word to understand more. Access the study handout here.

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