The Seven Churches of Asia – Lessons 3 & 4

On Wednesday, May 17th, we will be playing a little catch-up as we will attempt to cover Lessons 3 & 4.  Whatever we cannot cover in this week, we will plan for next week as our focus.

Lesson 3 – Smyrna

Lesson Handout

Smyrna is one of the few churches mentioned in Revelation that seemingly has no major problems with sin.  They are a devout and dedicated group.  Their problems are external.  Apparently they were challenged by unbelieving Jews who sought to persecute the church.  This should come as no surprise to anyone who has studied the Book of Acts where the Apostles were continually persecuted by their fellow Jews for declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, the letter to the Church of Smyrna should encourage anyone or any group who faithfully stands for a Bible-centered Christian world-view.  In fact, we might wonder if we are not persecuted.


Lesson 4 – Pergamos

Lesson Handout

The Church of Pergamos is the first of the seven churches that has fallen away from the faith.  While the Church at Ephesus was too dogmatic and not loving enough, their sister Church in Pergamos was not strict enough in their adherence to the doctrines of Jesus Christ.  Tolerance for sin within this Church was leading it astray and if uncorrected, the threat of judgement was real.  We are wise to heed the admonitions to greater faithfulness given this Church.  Let us not permit our sympathy for sinners give way to tolerance of sin among the Body of Christ.

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